Summer: Sun, Surf, Sunglasses

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It's summer, school's out, and outdoor vacations are starting. Because wearing sunglasses is vital to the preservation of your sight, we are reminding you again to put on eye protection whenever you go outdoors.

Regardless of your age, ultraviolet (UV) radiation can damage various parts of the eye and also the skin around the eyes. UVA's are longwave ultraviolet rays from the sun. UVB's are shortwave. They both penetrate the atmosphere and cause cataracts, skin cancer and more. Help children establish good protection habits early in life to avoid problems later.

Some contact lenses have UV protection, but don't get too comfortable if you wear treated lenses. The website for the Mayo Clinic points out that you still need to wear sunglasses for full UV protection outdoors. Wearing a sun hat extends the sphere of protection.

Be sure you buy UV-protection that blocks 99-100% of UVA and UVB rays. Regardless of what others are wearing this summer, buy larger glasses which will cover more of the eye area. Wraparounds offer especially good protection.

Additional features you may wish to consider include polycarbonate lenses which resist impact and polarized or photochromic lenses which reduce glare.

We suggest keeping sunglasses and a hat near the door or your keys so you that you always remember them on your way out. Stop by our Summer Trunk Show on July 8 for the latest in designer and UV protective sunglasses!