Questions About LASIK

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How does LASIK work?

LASIK vision correction surgery uses a specialized laser to reshape your cornea to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Depending on your unique needs, our eye surgeons can make your cornea flatter, steeper, or more spherical.

Patients experience minimal discomfort and a short recovery period. Almost all patients notice a marked improvement in vision by the very next day.

Is LASIK safe?

Yes, LASIK is a very safe procedure. Complications are extremely rare.

At Infocus Eye Care, we are devoted to both your safety and satisfaction. Our board-certified eye surgeons utilize the latest in bladeless LASIK technology to ensure your surgery produces optimal results with minimal risks.

Is it better to have one eye operated on at a time?

At Infocus Eye Care, board-certified LASIK surgeons Dr. Ida Alul and Dr. Patricia Buehler usually recommend that patients undergo surgery  on both eyes at the same time. We have found this approach much more convenient for our patients, and it avoids troublesome vision problems in between surgeries. Surgery on both eyes is generally completed within 20 minutes.

Is LASIK right for everyone?

LASIK is not right for everyone. Patients with medical issues, dry eyes, thin corneas, and large pupils may not be good candidates for LASIK surgery. Additionally, women who are pregnant or nursing should wait to have LASIK surgery until after they have finished nursing their child.

During your free LASIK consultation, our helpful and experienced doctors will ensure that LASIK is right for you. Other options for vision correction surgery are available to those who may not be a candidate for LASIK surgery.

If you have questions about LASIK surgery in Bend, Oregon, please call (541) 318-8388 or contact Infocus Eye Care using the form on our website to schedule a free consultation with one of our board-certified eye surgeons today.