Elizabeth Potvin, OD

Eye Care Specialists Serving Bend, OR and Surrounding Areas

About Dr. Potvin

Dr. Elizabeth Potvin is a doctor of optometry specializing in medical eye care.  She has over 17 years of experience working closely with ophthalmologists for management of cataract and LASIK surgery.   She is also experienced in the management and treatment of glaucoma, dry eye and other ocular diseases.  Dr. Potvin works closely with Drs. Buehler, Alul and Sundy to make certain that you receive the highest quality care and are able to get all of your questions and concerns answered.  

“I absolutely love my profession.  It allows me to help people see the world more clearly and comfortably.  I enjoy learning about my patient’s hobbies and concerns, and enjoy taking the time to address them.”

Dr. Potvin enjoys many forms of exercise and also loves to cook.  She lives in Bend with her husband, young son and Australian Shepherd.