Comprehensive Eye Exams

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Eye examinations are a necessary part of preventative health care. Because many eye diseases and disorders can only be detected by a trained eye doctor, we recommend an annual comprehensive exam with our one of our physicians.

During these examinations at Infocus Eye Care here in Bend, Oregon, Dr. Ida Alul, Dr. Patricia Buehler, Dr. Winter Lewis and Dr. Elizabeth Potvin will review your medical history and discuss with you any problems you are experiencing with your eyes or vision. With this information, they can specifically tailor your eye examination using the correct diagnostic tools to successfully identify any eye diseases or vision problems you may have.

Eye Exam Services

At Infocus Eye Care, your comprehensive exam will include refraction services. With the use of a phoropter, our technicians and physicians determine what lens strength will be required to correct any refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. These measurements determine the correct prescription for your glasses.

Additional testing and measurements during your eye exam are used to detect any signs of eye disease. These services include:

  • Evaluation of the lens, retina, and posterior section of the eye. If necessary, this will be done through a dilated pupil to allow a better view of the internal structure of your eye
  • Measurement of pressure within the eye to detect early signs of glaucoma.

If the results of your tests indicate a possible problem, additional testing may be required to confirm or rule out potential findings.

Early detection and treatment of eye disorders is essential to preventing long-term vision problems. Receiving annual comprehensive eye exams is an important part of maintaining your overall health. We will work with you and your insurance company to help ensure you receive the vision care you deserve.

If you live in or around Bend, Oregon and would like to schedule an eye examination, please call (541) 318-8388 or contact Infocus Eye Care through the form on this page to schedule your appointment today.