Patricia Buehler, MD

Eye Care Specialists Serving Bend, OR and Surrounding Areas

About Dr. Buehler

Dr. Patricia Buehler, board-certified in Ophthalmology, is an experienced and accomplished ophthalmic surgeon. Dr. Buehler specializes in advanced cataract and lens replacement surgery techniques, LASIK surgery and eyelid surgery, as well as providing comprehensive eye care. Dr. Buehler is dedicated to following medical advancements and providing patients with the best technology available while maintaining a focus on personalized attention and care.

Education & Background

Dr. Buehler attended the University of Chicago and graduated with honors, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biologic Sciences. She attended medical school at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and received her MD in 1990, and also earned a Master's degree in Preventive Ophthalmology from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. She completed a fellowship in Preventive Ophthalmology at Wilmer Eye Institute.

Relocating to Portland, Oregon, Dr. Buehler completed her internship at Emanuel Hospital and residency at Oregon Health Sciences University, Casey Eye Institute. She has practiced ophthalmology in Bend for over 20 years, relocating her practice to Infocus Eye Care in January of 2006.

"I adore being an eye doctor because I get to provide a service to people that is health improving and can be life altering. With the amazing technology of new implant lenses and surgical tools, I can often exceed a patient’s expectations."

"Ophthalmology provides me with continual stimulation. There are always new and interesting people to meet and a variety of diagnostic and surgical challenges. Learning about new research and innovations in the field keeps me motivated to always try to improve care for patients."

"One of my passions is the prevention of eye diseases. After medical school I did a Masters in Public Health and Preventative Ophthalmology. The prevention of disease and disability is very rewarding. My surgical passion is cataract and LASIK surgery. Successful surgery gives an enormous sense of personal satisfaction and accomplishment. I am able to use my physical skill and my intellectual skills at the same time."

"When a patient gives me a hug and says 'thank you,' I feel great joy in a job well done. It is enormously satisfying to know my efforts are acknowledged and appreciated and that I have made a difference in someone’s life."

"Outside of ophthalmology I enjoy spending time with my husband, Knute Buehler, and two adult children."