Lens Replacement Options

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If you struggle with cataracts, Infocus Eye Care is proud to provide the latest intraocular lens (IOLs) implant options, right here in Bend. IOLs are implanted during surgery to replace lenses clouded by cataracts and to provide better visual acuity at a distance or at close range.

Types of Replacement Lenses

If you need reading glasses or bifocals to see up close, you are likely one of millions of adults with presbyopia. Our state-of-the-art multifocal or accommodating intraocular lenses may greatly improve your vision. 

For cataract patients with astigmatism, the Acrysof®IQ toric lens is an excellent choice, though as with any IOLs, glasses may still be necessary for close or distance vision. If you have cataracts, but do not need correction for presbyopia or astigmatism, a monofocal IOL targeted for distance vision only may be the best option for you.

Comprehensive Custom Cataract Treatment

At Infocus Eye Care, our primary goal is to help you live better through clearer vision. We don’t just treat symptoms, we listen to you explain how presbyopia or cataracts are keeping you from living the life you desire. We take the time get to know you so that together, we can choose the vision correction option that best suits your lifestyle.

Our doctors use the most advanced IOL technology available so that you can be confident in your cataract treatment. In addition, we will explain all of your lens options in detail in order to empower you to make the right choice for the way you live. We strongly believe that building relationships and trust is a key element to providing our patients with the highest quality of care.

As local eye surgeons here in Bend, Oregon, Dr. Ida Alul, Dr. Patricia Buehler and Dr. Meryl Sundy will be available to care for you both before and after your eye surgery.

Advanced Lenses

At Infocus Eye Care, Dr. Alul, Dr. Buehler and Dr. Sundy use only the most up-to-date surgical techniques and the latest in modern, foldable intraocular lenses (IOLs) for lens replacement surgery. These lenses can fit through a 2.4 mm incision, which reduces recovery time and eliminates the need for sutures. This allows our patients to get back to their active lifestyles after a very short recovery period.

For a number of years, if you wanted intraocular implants, your only option was a monofocal lens, a lens for clear distance vision that could correct cataracts but would not be able to free you from glasses and contact lenses completely. With the advent of lifestyle lenses, we can now provide you with clear vision in all ranges of distance and a life less reliant on traditional eyewear.

At Infocus Eye Care, we offer our patients:

  • PanOptix® Trifocal- gives a full range of vision, so that you can rely less on glasses
  • Toric Lens – available for patients with astigmatism
  • ReSTOR® Lens – provides simultaneous distance and near focus
  • Tecnis Symfony®- offers an extended depth of focus for clarity across the full range of vision

Each patient has unique vision problems and needs. We take great pride in working closely with our patients to help provide solutions that best address your personal needs.

If you live in or around Bend, Oregon and are interested in learning more about IOL technology and placement, please contact the board-certified eye surgeons at Infocus Eye Care online or call (541) 318-8388 to schedule an initial consultation today.