About Presbyopia

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Are you noticing difficulty with your near vision? Blurring of both near vision, presbyopia, is an extremely common and unavoidable part of aging. This condition is most common in people over the age of 40, as the lens of your eye begins to thicken and lose some of its natural flexibility. During this aging process, changes also occur in the muscle fibers surrounding your lens, causing difficulty with near work without the use of reading glasses.

At Infocus Eye Care, we can help you see clearly again. To give you back the clear distance and near vision you had in your youth, talk to our board-certified local eye doctors about your options for presbyopia correction, including both customized prescription eyewear and vision correction surgery. Please our office in Bend, Oregon, at (541) 318-8388.

Treating Presbyopia with Eyewear

The most common correction for presbyopia is through prescription eyeglasses. At Infocus Eye Care, we offer our patients the choice between bifocal lenses and progressive addition lenses. Both of these lenses provide heightened visual clarity for objects that are up close and far away. If your distance vision is only slightly blurred, reading glasses may also offer an ideal solution.

Contact lenses can also be used to treat presbyopia. With contact lenses, you have the option of multifocal lenses that offer vision transitions across both eyes, and monovision that provides a different prescription for each eye. No two patients are the same, and our physicians and highly trained team of technicians will work with you to determine what solution is best suited to your needs.

Surgical Solutions for Presbyopia

Some people find eyewear to be a hindrance to their lifestyle. For these patients, presbyopia can be treated through various surgical procedures. Our board-certified eye surgeons Dr. Ida Alul and Dr. Patricia Buehler offer the most advanced surgical solutions for presbyopia, including:

Your lens will continue to harden as you age which means some surgical options may offer only a temporary solution. Even after correction surgery for presbyopia, you may still need reading glasses to perform some near tasks.

Presbyopia is unavoidable, but suffering from it is not. Our team of doctors will work with you and help you find the solution that matches your lifestyle.

If you are suffering from diminished near vision in or around Bend, Oregon, please contact the eye doctors at Infocus Eye Care online or call (541) 318-8388 to schedule an examination today.