About Dry Eye Syndrome

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Central Oregon’s dry, arid environment lends itself to dehydration of every part of your body, including your eyes. Combining this environment with common outdoor activities like skiing, cycling, and hiking can lead to the condition known as dry eye syndrome.

Other factors such as contact lenses, common medications, rheumatologic diseases, and even computer usage can also contribute to dry eye syndrome. The end result is eyes that itch, burn, tear excessively, and produce blurred vision.

Our optometric physician Dr. Lewis not only has years of experience treating dry eye syndrome, but he has also been a Principal Investigator on two different FDA studies on this disorder. As a result, Dr. Lewis has a unique perspective and thorough understanding of the most effective ways to treat your dry eyes.

Treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome

Treatment of dry eye syndrome requires more than simply prescribing eye drops. In order to fully treat the problem, a comprehensive understanding of your medical and ocular risk factors must be considered. With this understanding, Dr. Lewis can customize a treatment option to meet your personal needs.

Treatment for dry eye syndrome can include:

  • Over the counter artificial tears and topical ointments that work to keep your eyes lubricated
  • Prescription medications for patients who cannot find relief from other forms of eye drops
  • Punctual occlusion, in which plugs are inserted into the tear drain in the lower eyelid
  • Surgical procedures that close the ducts that drain tears into the nose

The causes and severity of your dry eyes will determine which dry eye treatment method or combination of methods is best for you. Dr. Lewis will work closely with you to determine how to best serve your needs, and provide you relief from this common but painful condition.

If you live in or around Bend, Oregon and are suffering from red, dry, painful eyes, please contact our optometric physicians at Infocus Eye Care to schedule a comprehensive evaluation today. You can reach our office by filling out the online form on this page or calling (541) 318-8388.