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Crystalens® is the only intraocular lens that bends and flexes light in the same manner as your natural lens. Placed behind your iris during lens replacement surgery or to repair refractive errors, Crystalens® works to clearly focus light on your retina providing optimal, clear vision.

For a number of years, patients who had lenses placed received lenses for clear distance vision only, or monofocal implants. Approved by the FDA in 2003, Crystalens® provides an accommodating solution for lens replacement, providing enhanced vision for both distance and near while removing clouding from cataracts.

Effectiveness of Crystalens®

In studies conducted by the FDA, researchers found that 98.4% of patients who had received Crystalens® achieved eyesight of 20/40 or better. A large majority of those patients achieved eyesight of 20/20. Additionally, 100% reported that they were able to read computer content, and over 98% reported greater ease with paper reading material.

With the active lifestyle of so many people in Central Oregon, cloudy lenses and diminished vision can have a tremendously negative impact. We have chosen to offer Crystalens® to our patients because we have seen the amazing results right here in our community. Patients who choose Crystalens enjoy clear distance and near vision for their active lifestyles.

Crystalens® Placement Procedure

When you come to Infocus Eye Care for cataract surgery, we will discuss the various options you have to help ensure the choice you are making is most suited to your lifestyle. The process for placing Crystalens® is similar to other lens replacement procedures.

Before your lens replacement procedure begins, one of our board-certified eye surgeons, Dr. Ida Alul and Dr. Patricia Buehler, will make sure you are comfortable. Then your eye surgeon will remove your clouded lens and replace it with your new Crystalens® via a small, painless incision. Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure with quick recovery time, and you may go home and rest once the procedure is complete.

Crystalens® Risks

As with any surgery, some risks are involved with placing Crystalens® implants. While rare, these risks include infection, lens shifting, possible cornea clouding, and detached retina. Our board-certified eye surgeons take every precaution necessary to reduce your risks, including using the latest, safest surgical technology. Your eye surgeon will discuss the risks of lens replacement surgery during your consultation.

If you are interested in learning more about Crystalens® placement in or around Bend, Oregon, please contact the experienced eye doctors at Infocus Eye Care online or call (541) 318-8388 to schedule a consultation today.