Seeing Your Way to Summer Fun

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If you are an active swimmer, bicyclist or other summer sport enthusiast, you likely know that glasses can be a hassle when participating in summer activities. Bladeless LASIK or contact lenses may be the solution for you to be less dependent on glasses this summer!

Many summer sports and activities call for eye protection: goggles for swimming, sunglasses for bicycling, shatter-resistant goggles for racquet sports, etc. Fitting these additional protective devices into your routine so that you can be active and safe is a challenge for people who wear prescription eyeglasses.

In addition to being more compatible with the headgear, goggles and other protection associated with sports, LASIK and contact lenses also provide better peripheral vision without the obstruction of a glasses frame.

Bladeless LASIK is a very safe and precise procedure. Recovery is quick, with patients able to return to all activities within one week following surgery. One survey indicates that 74% of LASIK patients "feel better able to participate in sports or fitness activities after surgery."

Advancements in contact lens materials allow some patients to now comfortably wear contacts who may not have been able to do so in the past due to dry eyes and high prescriptions.

Regardless of how you choose to correct your vision this summer, always remember eye protection:

1. Wear sun protection: sunglasses and a hat or cap

2. Protect your eyes during sports: safety glasses or goggles

3. Avoid exposure to chemicals

Explore the options of Bladeless LASIK or contact lenses to ensure that your eyes have as much fun as you do this summer.