Compliance: Solutions Only Work If You Follow Directions

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Oops, you forgot to take those fish oil supplements. That's why my eyes feel dry. You've been wearing your two-week contact lenses for over a month. Hey, no wonder my eyes are irritated. You tried to save on prescription glasses so you bought cheaters over the counter or borrowed your spouse's. Yeah, maybe that explains why I have a persistent headache.

The point is that full compliance takes discipline. It's human nature to be lured into half measures, short cuts, excuses, and rationalizations.

Despite the importance of following directions, noncompliance is a widespread problem. Studies show that as many as 75% of patients fail to adhere fully to prescribed treatment regimens. We don't want any of our patients to be included in those ranks.

Not only can it be dangerous to forget or to modify guidelines, it can be costly. If you wear your contact lenses longer than they were designed for, you run the risk of fogging your vision and developing irritation, itching and redness. If you wear glasses belonging to someone else, headaches can result. You may spend time and resources chasing down the cause of such problems when simply adhering to the correct vision prescription from the start would have prevented worry and expense.

Following the maintenance advice for vision products, too, can help avoid problems. Do you have a routine for keeping your contact lens case clean? And do you wash your hands before you handle your contacts every time?

Save yourself some money, effort and distress. Adhere to guidelines for all vision-related treatments and products. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your InFocus Eye Care physician for more clarification.