Snow, Sports, See!

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As we put away the golf clubs and bikes for the season and bring out the skis in preparation for snow, we excitedly plan adventures for winter. Are you one of the many Central Oregonian snow enthusiasts who still wears glasses? If so, you're probably familiar with the seasonal struggle to find eye protection that doesn't reduce your peripheral vision when engaging in winter sports. Did you know that InFocus Eye Care offers safe, simple and convenient alternatives to glasses?

Drs. Ida Alul and Patricia Buehler offer Custom Bladeless LASIK to help you reduce or eliminate your need for glasses and contact lenses. If you are tired of glasses fogging or losing a contact on the slopes, LASIK may be the perfect solution for you! Advanced LASIK laser technology allows our doctors to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and now astigmatism. Not sure if you are a candidate? Both Dr. Alul and Dr. Buehler offer free LASIK consultations.

InFocus also offers modern cataract surgery with advanced lifestyle lenses that may enable you to see distance, intermediate, and near, all without the hassle of glasses. Additionally, toric lenses are available to correct your astigmatism.

If surgery doesn't sound like the solution for you, our optometrist, Dr. Winter Lewis, specializes in contact lenses and can fit you with the appropriate lenses so that you may enjoy your winter activities free from glasses. Many of our patients say they feel better equipped to participate in sports when wearing contacts instead of glasses.

Wish you could sport fashionable ski goggles instead of forcing a bulky pair over your glasses? This winter, make that wish your reality! Call InFocus Eye Care at 541-318-8388 to discuss your options.