Spring has Sprung!

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When spring rolls around, so does the influx of pollen. Flower and tree pollen levels increase and can trigger a massive onset of allergies. If you suffer from either of these allergies then you know that it can make you feel miserable. Runny noses, sneezing, watering, itchy, or dry eyes, and generally feeling run down often accompany spring allergies. If you want to try and keep those symptoms at bay, it is best that you find a medication that helps control them. 

Protecting Yourself When Spring Allergies Hit 

• First, you should be watching local pollen reports. If you have the option of staying inside when the pollen levels are high, do so. That way, you minimize your exposure.

• Second, use HEPA filtration in your home in rooms that you tend to spend the most time in. This will also limit how much exposure you have to pollen. 

• Finally, avoid mowing and heavily wooded areas whenever possible, as they are more likely to trigger additional releases of pollen into the air. 

When these things are not possible, make sure you take allergy medication, and talk to your doctor about what you can do. If you notice that your eyes get itchy or burn, keep some allergy eye drops on you as you go about your daily errands, so if you notice the early signs of an allergy flare-up, you can take care of it before it ruins your entire day. We offer several options for allergy drops - call for more information. 541-318-8388