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Cataract Surgery

"Being a health care professional, I knew the importance of finding a knowledgeable, compassionate, and technically skilled physician who I could trust to do my cataract surgery. I found these qualities in Dr. Buehler. From a patient perspective, she is also surrounded by a pleasant, highly dedicated and caring staff, so each office visit was a very positive and comforting experience. Dr. Buehler was able to restore my vision as if it had been 'digitally remastered in full technicolor' thus re-gifting and enhancing the quality of my life beyond measure. I am extremely grateful and highly recommend Dr. Buehler and her staff at InFocus Eye Care."

-Byron Oberst MD

"My experience with the office was excellent- appointment on time, knowledgeable, pleasant and personal at every stage. My experience with Dr. Alul was professional, friendly, pleasant. She takes time and answers questions (many!) very patiently. I recommend her highly. My experience with the surgical facility was excellent- good explanations, each step clarified, they checked in often as I waited to go in to the operating room. It was comforting and just all around nice. I had wonderful results! In a short time frame (<2 weeks) my vision was 20/20 and I use only reading glasses (no RX) for the first time in 20+ years!"


"Your office strikes me as being exceedingly well trained and professional but more important everyone from the front desk to the individuals making certain you understand your follow up procedures are just plain "nice". Dr. Buehler has incredible curriculum vitae. She carefully reviews all your testing, explains your diagnosis, what procedures you should undertake, explains the probable outcomes (without over promising) and answers your questions in a very understanding manner. Her professional demeanor in surgery is very reassuring. The outpatient surgical center knows its function to the highest degree. Everyone is very professional and careful. They make certain to explain everything to the patient several times."


“To whom it may concern—and by that, I mean anyone who has concerns about their cataract surgery: If you are reading this (and probably wearing your glasses which are getting stronger with each prescription) you are doing your research on the possibility of cataract removal and surgery. In late November I went to watch my 10-year-old grandson play football. It was a miserable day—windy, cold and raining. But what made me miserable was not the weather. It was the realization that I couldn’t see that little boy out there in the field even with my distance glasses on. It was all just a blur. I said nothing to anyone but determined I was not about to live the rest of my life “missing the action”. Like you, I did my research and InFocus always came to the top of my research. Dr. Patricia Buehler went to the very top. I made an appointment with her. Much to my surprise, I had cataracts in both eyes. Everything was clearly explained, and there were options given and I made my decision. I had surgery and lens implants done in early 2011—there was virtually no pain, recovery was swift and the results are simply amazing! I think it is best summed up by telling you that when I saw Dr. Buehler for a follow-up exam, I told her I “hoped she developed cataract so she could see what she does for other people”. That’s a terrible wish, isn’t it? To be living with dulled colors, blurry vision and an assortment of glasses for both near and far? But it had become my reality over time and I know that it is yours, too. Not any more. If you come to a football game, or a soccer match, I’m the happy one cheering my grandson on, watching him try his best. And I won’t be wearing glasses unless it’s a sunshine day and I’ll have my off-the-peg sunglasses. Yes. I don’t wear glasses any longer.”


“Dr. Buehler was so thorough in explaining what I needed to have done that I felt completely at ease. She is so good at what she does. I feel comfortable recommending her to everyone who asked my how my surgery went. I am so happy after 40 years of wearing glasses that I now can see 20/20 farsighted and only need reading glasses. Thank you so much, Dr. Buehler and your professional staff.”


"The process of evaluation through completion of surgery and follow up visits to the office were professional and on time. Evaluation information was discussed and the type of surgery and results goals were covered and options explained. I chose Crystalens implants in both eyes to eliminate the need for glasses almost entirely. I am very happy with my treatment and the results . . . I am 71 and my eyesight is now 20/20! I can engage in all my normal activities, including shooting competition, wood working, fishing, reading, etc., and don't need prescription glasses any more. I sometimes need "readers" to read or see very small print or small scale markings on my shop rulers."


“I gave myself the best present ever, Absolute Awesome Sight! This is the first time I have been able to see it all… near, far and middle, without fuzziness, distortions or being out of focus. Wow! First morning after surgery I glanced up from the morning paper to see an elk walk out of the trees to the fivers edge, a good 300 yards away, while seeing quail feeding on our deck, when a heron snatched up a small fish from the shallows of the river. I sat in awe, over 30 years we have lived along the river and without the use of binoculars or telescope, I never saw all this, and am told it will get even better. What a huge life change for me. There are not enough “Thank You’s” to give Dr. Buehler and her staff.”


Vision Care

I have been Dr. Winter Lewis’s patient for several years.  He successfully fitted me with monovision hard contact lenses for extreme nearsightedness, where past doctors had been unsuccessful in doing, until cataracts impaired my sight to the point of making it difficult to get the desired clear-vision results I had previously enjoyed.  Last spring, Dr. Lewis and I decided it was time for cataract surgery with lens replacement.  He was informative and supportive every step of the way, patiently answering my many questions as I transitioned from hard contact lenses to soft lenses and then to glasses until the surgery.  His expertise, knowledge, and wisdom put me at ease.  Consulting with Dr. Ida Alul, my surgeon, Dr. Lewis and his excellent staff tested my eyes at many points during the process, ensuring that the new lenses I received would be the best choice for me.  My final follow-up appointment with Dr. Lewis after the surgery was last week, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  If you want an optometric physician whom you can trust, Dr. Lewis, a professional and an expert in his field, is first-rate.   

Sally S.

December 2021


A wonderful experience. You are greeted by a friendly efficient front desk. The wait time is minuscule, as they are so organized. The technicians and physicians work extremely well together, with respect for each other as well as you the patient. Discussions of finance are candid, giving you the power to make an informed decision. Dr. Sundy is an amazing, kind and extremely talented surgeon. I am so grateful. I can see again. The joy is doubled looking at my garden and my grandchildren's faces.

- Michelle M, June 2021

Dear Infocus Eyecare,

                Thursday late afternoon I called the office after suffering for 2 days with something in my left eye.  I hesitated to call because I was so sure I would just be sent to urgent care.  To my surprise, when I told whomever was on the phone, she just asked me how soon I could get to the office, then put me on hold briefly to make sure a doctor would be available.

                My daughter drove me to the office, and when I checked in at the desk someone asked if I was Janet and asked me to wait a few minutes.  No more than 5 minutes passed when I was ushered into the room and had a drop put in my eye which was the first relief I had in 2 days!

                After the initial exam and answering questions, and a very brief wait, the doctor (Dr. Sundy) removed 3 things from my eye.

                This entire process from phone call to my walking out the door was no more than 1 hour!

                I want to thank everyone involved from the cheery person on the phone (Erin) to the person who helped me leave through the correct door.  You were all so wonderful, smiling and seemed happy to be helping me.  I’m so sorry I never caught any names, but you all know who you are, and I want to thank each of you for the wonderful care I received.  I don’t ever remember getting as good a care as I got last Thursday.

                Thank you!!!

                Janet Hodgers