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Lasik Surgery

"My vision is very important to me. I wore glasses for many years, but they were often in the way when skiing, bicycle riding or using binoculars. I could never find a pair that were totally comfortable, even polycarbonate lenses. It was also tiresome to clean them frequently, while trying to not scratch them. My right eye also had astigmatism, which was noticeable in low light and made judging distance while driving more difficult. We were on a trip in Canada and my glasses fell and broke, so I had to go through the rest of the trip with blurry vision. I chose InFocus Eye Care as they are the only provider in Central Oregon of the latest technology in LASIK surgery that decreases the risk of complications and provides superior visual clarity. As a physician, I highly value technology that decreases risk and improves outcomes. Now, 5 months later, my vision is still 20/15, which is better than 20/20. The astigmatism is gone. The actual procedure was easy for me to tolerate, the staff were very proficient, friendly and knowledgeable. I was concerned about having dry eyes afterwards, but have had no problems. If you live in Central Oregon and enjoy the many activities available here throughout the year, clear vision without the issues of wearing glasses is worth the investment. If you choose InFocus Eye Care, you will be getting the best value in service and technology, with the best possible vision."

-Dr. Mike Henderson, Board certified in Internal Medicine

"I cannot thank you enough for increasing my quality of life through my vision! It's constantly amazing everyday to come to the realization that THIS is my eyesight! Thank you truly for providing me with all the information to answer my questions and have a positive experience. This has been life changing!"


“I feel like I have complete freedom now. If someone asks me to go camping on the spot, I don't have to worry about contact solution or carrying a glasses case, I'm ready! My vision is amazing! Driving and actually being able to read street signs is incredible, if I had to do it all over again I would in a heartbeat. The doctors and staff at InFocus are great at answering your questions and making you feel you are in good hands."


“I had LASIK at InFocus just over a week ago - I am impressed! I received amazing service from start to finish and was so impressed by Dr. Alul. She was fantastic - patient, kind and thorough. When I went to my regular optometrist (of 15 years) for one of my post-op visits he said, "You had great care. Not only is she a good surgeon, she's a good person. Infocus cares about your eye health which is sometimes not at the forefront of other Lasik providers." I couldn't be happier with my decision.”


“InFocus Eye Care meets what every business is striving to achieve. The customer care is top notch. The entire staff went above normal patient care. From the pre-op exam and financial arrangements to the day of the surgery. The technology that is available at InFocus is the best available. I am 100% satisfied and I can see after over 30 years wearing glasses. I can see!! I can not believe how wonderful it is to see 20/20 plus. I can practice tae kwon do without glasses falling off or contacts rubbing out or wrinkling. Words are not enough to explain how happy I am!”


“After years of struggling with chronic eye infections due to extended contact lens wear, I was referred to Dr. Alul for LASIK surgery. I am so pleased with the care I received from her and her staff! Beginning with my consultation appointment, Dr. Alul took the time to explain all of my treatment options and ensured I was a good LASIK candidate. Never did I feel pressured or obligated. This is definitely not an assembly line operation, Dr. Alul and her staff genuinely care about their patient's outcome. Just one week out from surgery, I already have 20/20 vision! I would feel completely comfortable referring even my own family member to Dr. Alul and her staff.”


"I am a mother of 2 small kids and I love to mountain bike and do anything outside with my family. We are all active and on the go. I hated everything about my glasses and contacts! I had worn both for over 20 years and they were so much trouble, and my eyes were starting to get damaged from contacts. The best part about having LASIK was being able to wake up and see. It also is nice not to have to worry about getting contact solution or anything at the store. I got all the information I needed and was given excellent care pre and post operations. I had a fabulous experience at InFocus."


"I'm a full time fly fishing guide who loves anything outdoors. Before LASIK I was always dealing with fogged up lenses. Running class 3+ rapids with rain or snow obstructing my view was challenging. Contacts always got dirty. The simplicity of the procedure really shocked me. It did not take long and by the next morning I had 20/15 vision. In my case there was limited discomfort the day of the procedure and the day after just one eye was a little scratchy. The staff at InFocus is super friendly. The front desk recognized me each time I entered after my first visit. Dr. Buehler and her stuff really made me feel at home. Thank you!"


Cataract Surgery

It is now over 4 years since my wife, Judy, and I had cataract surgery.  It changed our lives and we no longer needed to wear glasses - except for reading.

I was 78 years at the time of my surgery in November 2018 by Dr. Sundy.  Judy had hers a few weeks later.

Previously, I had reached the stage where glases could no longer be prescribed because of cataracts and my sight had deteriorated to such an extent that driving a car was becoming difficult.

Fortunately, at that time, Judy met a lady who recently had the surgery.  She assured us there was nothing to fear (I had been filled with trepidation at the thought of someone making an incision in my eyes) and she told us how successful her surgery had been.  Upon her referral I approached Infocus and made an appointment to see Dr. Sundy.  A life improving event.

We feel so blessed to have had such good vision these past 4 years.  Thank you Dr. Sundy!

Ivan Cocks, May 2023


My cataract and lens replacement experience with Dr. Ida Alul was outstanding.  At age 70, and as a life-time wearer of hard contact lenses for extreme myopic vision, clouded by cataracts, I made the excellent choice to have Dr. Alul preform this surgery.  I am so grateful I did.  She and her staff walked me through the process every step of the way.  Dr. Alul’s expertise and experience, along with her professional, yet kind demeanor, calmed my fears as I went through the surgery prep and post-operation process.  Dr. Alul patiently answered all questions, and after each visit I left confident that I was in good hands.  I was most impressed when each time, before I was wheeled into the surgery room, she went over details of what to expect, putting me at ease.  She did her homework on me, personally, to insure I received the best possible lens replacement to fit my individual needs.  Now, I awaken each morning to view a bright, beautiful world with new eyes for the very first time!  If you’re looking for an ophthalmologist who is top in her field to give personal high quality eye care for your cataract and lens replacement surgery, I unreservedly recommend Dr. Ida Alul at Infocus Eye Care.

Sally S     

August 2021