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Cataract Surgery

My experience was outstanding. Every aspect from initial consult to the surgery center and all follow up visits.  Kind, empathetic, sincerely caring people all around.  I hope to find an ophthalmology practice as great as In Focus when we move.

- J. Fairman, March 2021 


Cataract surgery, although common, naturally cause some trepidation in those of us who have made the decision to have it.  I chose InFocus for this procedure after interviewing both local providers. Dr Alul did my pre-surgery exams and cataract surgery; coordination of the various pre- and post-surgery activities and procedures was handled by their surgery coordinator, Courtney.

I had a great experience and a great result.  I was 73 at the time and my cataracts were quite cloudy and caused un-correctible astigmatism.  I chose a monovision approach (distance in one eye, reading in the other), and am delighted that I can do everything I need to without glasses.  And the brightness and clarity of light and colors are simply amazing.  I will wear glasses for nighttime driving and for working at the computer, which is expected and normal (replacement lens are fixed in focus).

Dr. Alul was wonderful to deal with:  consistently cheerful and professional, patient with my many pre-surgery questions, and confident in the surgery (which she’s performed more than 10,000 times).  My followup visits have been similarly great.  The staff at the Bend Surgery Center were cheerful, respectful, and confident…it was a painless and comfortable process.

And I can’t say enough about Courtney’s professionalism, thoroughness, and follow through while coordinating the whole process smoothly. 

Well done, all.  A great experience and I’m very pleased!  M.O. (Bend, Oregon)


Seeing 20/20 in 2020 ... wow what an absolute gift of clear sight.  Now I see what I did not see before cataract lens replacement.  Dr. Alul and Dr Lewis plus the myriad members of the InFocus team are exceptional.  Every appointment was on-time, measurements were taken, cataract lens options explained clearly and concisely before selecting the types of lenses.  Courtney is an excellent Surgery coordinator/scheduler who "just knows" what I needed to know as a patient; she is like a friend explaining the details too.   And, Dr. Alul's rapport with the Bend Surgery Center suite nurses is like being part of a beautiful ballet.  Now just two days post-op I see textures and colors with a clarity that I have not enjoyed or seen for many years.  Thank you InFocus team.  - L. Smith


I am ecstatic over the results of my cataract surgeries.  I could not be more pleased with the entire staff at Infocus Eye Care.  Everyone was caring and professional. I am especially pleased with Dr. Buehler.  She answered all my concerns and performed my surgery flawlessly.  I will be eternally grateful. 


Melanie A.

June 2020


As a healthcare professional for 48 years, when I have my own-personal medical care, I want service done by intelligent, efficient, and technically skilled office staff.  The Infocus Eye Care front desk, technicians and billing staff met all my requirements.

Dr. Alul replaced both lens which were damaged by aging and cataracts.  I now have close to 20/20 vision restored.  It is a great improvement.

All of my routinely required follow-up visits were met with cordial: “welcome back…how can we help you” greetings.  The visits were brief and allowed plenty of time to return to work.

It is with sincerity and pleasure that I provide commendations and recommendations for the medical service of Infocus Eye Care.

Robert “Pat” Preston

Bend, Oregon Jan 2020


Dr. Alul got my eyesight back to what I remember as a young man! The lens exchange was perfect. The glasses that I had worn for 15 years went in trash!! It is one of the best things to happen I my life! Thank You Dr. Alul !!

Bruce L Fox - August 2018


Dr. Alul got my eyesight back to what I remember as a young man! The lens exchange was perfect. The glasses that I had worn for 15 years went in trash!! It is one of the best things to happen I my life! Thank You Dr. Alul !! - Bruce F, August 2018


"I had cataract surgery on both eyes by Dr. Patricia Buhler at In Focus eyecare. I give the entire practice my highest recommendation. Every single person that I interacted with at their practice were professional, caring, kind and extremely helpful. Dr. Lewis, Optometrist, has great patient manner and is extremely good at his job. Courtney, the surgery scheduler, made sure I had ALL the infomation I needed throughout the process. If you need eyecare, you can depend on them to deliver the best experience you could hope for."

- Linda K, Jan 2018