iLASIK is life changing!

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I had an iLasik procedure done at InFocus eye care 2 weeks ago. I've had 2 pre-op visits and 3 post-op visits so far. The whole process from contacting, scheduling appointments and the surgery itself has been smooth, extremely clear and at the end life changing for me (going from -5.75D to perfect vision).

I was looking for a local (Bend/Redmond) Lasik provider to make going to all the pre-op and post-op visits as easy as possible. I contacted InFocus via email and got a quick answer with all of my questions answered as well as an option for a free consultation (which was scheduled about a month in advance). After the consultation I was told I was a good candidate and was offered dates for my surgery and the final exam before the surgery. Before the surgery I was explained what exactly to expect by the technicians and Dr. Alul who later performed my surgery. I was also given a folder with answers to any questions I may have about the surgery including pre-op and post-op information.

The surgery starts with another eye check and an option to take a medicine to calm you down and help you fall asleep after the surgery. I was allowed to bring a friend with me who observed my surgery on a screen and was explained all the steps. All together I was in the surgery room for about 20min. Going out of the surgery room I was already able to see a lot better. I had minor pain (felt like sand was caught in my eye) about an hour after the surgery. This was the only time after the surgery that I felt any discomfort. I took an Advil, fell asleep and woke up in the morning able to see very clear. I drove myself to my first post-op the morning after the surgery and went back to work (behind a screen) after a long weekend.

I was clearly instructed multiple times before and after the surgery what drops to take when to make healing as efficient as possible. I just had my 3rd follow up and I have a perfect vision (for the first time since 4th grade). I would highly suggest InFocus Eye Care to anyone looking for a great Lasik experience.

Luka, January 2019