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iLASIK is life changing!

I had an iLasik procedure done at InFocus eye care 2 weeks ago. I've had 2 pre-op visits and 3 post-op visits so far. The whole process from contacting, scheduling appointments and the surgery itself has been smooth, extremely clear and at the end life changing for me (going from -5.75D to perfect vision).

Thrilled with LASIK

"The morning after the procedure, I was amazed.  Walking downstairs and being able to see my son's face clearly, individual needles on the pine trees outside - magical.  The recovery has been fast and painless.  My first time camping under the brilliance of the night sky, and not a blurry mess, was something I've been dreaming of.
My LASIK experience was professional, patient, and personable.  From answering questions to accommodating my schedule, I always felt at ease and in good hands.
Dr. Alul, Rachel, and the whole staff at Infocus are rock stars."

Paul H's Reviews

"I am an 80 year old Korean War vet. I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Buehler and the staff who helped me through my cataract surgery. Since the surgery, I can see! And the colors!! The technician and doctor just told me my eyes are perfect now. The cataracts come on so slowly... diminishing your vision, so after surgery it's like a whole new world."

David Kleber Reviews

"The outcome of my laser vision correction has been outstanding, and liberating to say the least. Dr. Alul, your staff are the highest professional caliber, kind, competent, efficient and clearly devoted to providing the best care possible. What a pleasure it was for me to approach a potentially stressful procedure with full trust and belief in the total competence of the entire Infocus team."

Senneh O Reviews

"I had the LASIK procedure done by Dr. Buehler at InFocus Eye Care earlier this year. I cannot say enough about the customer service, attention to detail and perfect results that I experienced. The quality of my life has been changed—no more worrying about losing a contact during a photo shoot and all of the recreation activities I have enjoyed for years are greatly enhanced. My only regret is that I didn’t go to Dr. Buehler for my eyes years ago."

Steven Welsh Reviews

"I smile for no reason now. I give Dr. Alul two thumbs up – if I had three, I’d give her three thumbs up! I don’t have enough adjectives to describe how happy I am – I wish I had done it years ago. I had been wearing glasses for 57 years. I used to have terrible night vision – now I can see the Milky Way with no problem!"

Melissa W Reviews

"Before I had LASIK, I had worn either glasses or contacts for 25 years. My correction was -5.75 in each eye. Without my contacts in, I literally could not pick out my husband in a crowded room. I was never able to sleep on airplanes or long car rides without bringing my saline solution, contact case, and glasses. When we went camping, we had to stay at campgrounds that had running water so that I would have a place to wash my hands before taking my contacts out or putting them in.

Holly Jacobson Reviews

"When I wake up, I still sometimes think – oh no! I’ve slept in my contacts! Then I have to remind myself that I can actually see clearly without contacts. I’m a yoga instructor. I chose to have monovision LASIK (where one eye sees near and one eye sees distance). It’s great for my classes – I can see individual faces in the distance and what’s going on in my class, but I can also see my iPod up close to change the music. Plus – living in this dry climate, by the end of the day I would have problems with my contacts. Now my eyes are no longer irritated.

Rachel Reviews

"I could't be happier with my experience at InFocus. To be honest I was definitely a little nervous going into it, however when I arrived on the day of the procedure, everything just seemed right. Dr. Alul and the staff are very kind, professional, attentive and thorough; I knew I was in good hands. LASIK is a wonderful investment in my quality of life and I am excited for the many glasses and hassle free years to come!"


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