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"My vision is very important to me. I wore glasses for many years, but they were often in the way when skiing, bicycle riding or using binoculars. I could never find a pair that were totally comfortable, even polycarbonate lenses. It was also tiresome to clean them frequently, while trying to not scratch them. My right eye also had astigmatism, which was noticeable in low light and made judging distance while driving more difficult. We were on a trip in Canada and my glasses fell and broke, so I had to go through the rest of the trip with blurry vision. I chose InFocus Eye Care as they are the only provider in Central Oregon of the latest technology in LASIK surgery that decreases the risk of complications and provides superior visual clarity. As a physician, I highly value technology that decreases risk and improves outcomes. Now, 5 months later, my vision is still 20/15, which is better than 20/20. The astigmatism is gone. The actual procedure was easy for me to tolerate, the staff were very proficient, friendly and knowledgeable. I was concerned about having dry eyes afterwards, but have had no problems. If you live in Central Oregon and enjoy the many activities available here throughout the year, clear vision without the issues of wearing glasses is worth the investment. If you choose InFocus Eye Care, you will be getting the best value in service and technology, with the best possible vision."

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Dr. Mike Henderson, Board certified in Internal Medicine