Highly Recommend

Eye Care Specialists Serving Bend, OR and Surrounding Areas


As a healthcare professional for 48 years, when I have my own-personal medical care, I want service done by intelligent, efficient, and technically skilled office staff.  The Infocus Eye Care front desk, technicians and billing staff met all my requirements.

Dr. Alul replaced both lens which were damaged by aging and cataracts.  I now have close to 20/20 vision restored.  It is a great improvement.

All of my routinely required follow-up visits were met with cordial: “welcome back…how can we help you” greetings.  The visits were brief and allowed plenty of time to return to work.

It is with sincerity and pleasure that I provide commendations and recommendations for the medical service of Infocus Eye Care.

Robert “Pat” Preston

Bend, Oregon Jan 2020