Testimonial to our Cataract Surgery

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It is now over 4 years since my wife, Judy, and I had cataract surgery.  It changed our lives and we no longer needed to wear glasses - except for reading.

I was 78 years at the time of my surgery in November 2018 by Dr. Sundy.  Judy had hers a few weeks later.

Previously, I had reached the stage where glases could no longer be prescribed because of cataracts and my sight had deteriorated to such an extent that driving a car was becoming difficult.

Fortunately, at that time, Judy met a lady who recently had the surgery.  She assured us there was nothing to fear (I had been filled with trepidation at the thought of someone making an incision in my eyes) and she told us how successful her surgery had been.  Upon her referral I approached Infocus and made an appointment to see Dr. Sundy.  A life improving event.

We feel so blessed to have had such good vision these past 4 years.  Thank you Dr. Sundy!

Ivan Cocks, May 2023