About Glaucoma

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At Infocus Eye Care in Bend, Oregon, we are pleased to offer glaucoma treatment through a combination of medication and laser eye surgery. Our experienced doctors will work closely with you to find the method that best meets your individual needs. While it is true that glaucoma can lead to blindness if untreated, there are several effective treatment options for patients suffering from glaucoma. 

Symptoms of Glaucoma

There are two types of glaucoma, open-angle and angular closure, and each has its own unique symptoms.

Open-angle glaucoma is typically painless but can be identified through signs such as:

  • Gradually progressive loss of vision
  • Optic nerve changes identified during vision screening

While much less common, angular closure glaucoma can be painful. Other indications of this type of glaucoma include:

  • Red eye
  • Increased halos around lights
  • Intraocular pressure
  • Nausea
  • Rapidly decreased vision

If your eyes are painful or you experience any other symptoms of angular closure glaucoma, contact our board-certified eye surgeons right away. This type of glaucoma is considered an optical emergency, and must be treated immediately to avoid permanent vision loss.

Treatment for Glaucoma

Most patients can successfully manage glaucoma with daily eye drops. For those who are unable to control glaucoma with eye drops alone or eye drops are causing significant irritation, there are alternatives.

SLT laser therapy, a simple and safe procedure has proven very effective in reducing ocular pressure in most patients. We may also recommend a combination of medications to help decrease the pressure of the fluid in your eye. 

The newest surgical procedure we use at Infocus Eye Care for glaucoma patients is the Ex-press mini-shunt. With this procedure, one of our board-certified optical surgeons uses a very small tube outside of your eye to divert fluid buildup.

With these advanced treatments for glaucoma, we have the tools available to us to minimize glaucoma’s impact on your life. With experienced and highly skilled doctors right here in Bend, you don’t even have to leave town for the latest in glaucoma treatment.

If you live in Central Oregon and are suffering from glaucoma, please contact the helpful, knowledgeable staff at Infocus Eye Care online or by calling (541) 318-8388 to schedule an initial consultation today.