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"Before I had LASIK, I had worn either glasses or contacts for 25 years. My correction was -5.75 in each eye. Without my contacts in, I literally could not pick out my husband in a crowded room. I was never able to sleep on airplanes or long car rides without bringing my saline solution, contact case, and glasses. When we went camping, we had to stay at campgrounds that had running water so that I would have a place to wash my hands before taking my contacts out or putting them in. My oldest daughter and I swam with the sharks while we were in Orlando – the face mask prevented me from wearing my glasses, so I wasn’t able to see any of the sharks or fish. Hot tubs and swimming pools were out of the question unless I was wearing my glasses.

I can honestly say that LASIK is worth every penny. There is so much freedom in not having to take my glasses and all my contact lens care everywhere I go. I don’t have to miss out on activities like swimming and camping. I have 20/20 vision now all the time, day and night. For the first time in 13 years of marriage, I am able to clearly see my husband when I wake up. The money I spent on LASIK is the best money I have ever spent. Thank you Dr. Buehler!"

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Melissa W