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Cataract Surgery

"The process of evaluation through completion of surgery and follow up visits to the office were professional and on time. Evaluation information was discussed and the type of surgery and results goals were covered and options explained. I chose Crystalens implants in both eyes to eliminate the need for glasses almost entirely. I am very happy with my treatment and the results . . . I am 71 and my eyesight is now 20/20! I can engage in all my normal activities, including shooting competition, wood working, fishing, reading, etc., and don't need prescription glasses any more. I sometimes need "readers" to read or see very small print or small scale markings on my shop rulers."


“I gave myself the best present ever, Absolute Awesome Sight! This is the first time I have been able to see it all… near, far and middle, without fuzziness, distortions or being out of focus. Wow! First morning after surgery I glanced up from the morning paper to see an elk walk out of the trees to the fivers edge, a good 300 yards away, while seeing quail feeding on our deck, when a heron snatched up a small fish from the shallows of the river. I sat in awe, over 30 years we have lived along the river and without the use of binoculars or telescope, I never saw all this, and am told it will get even better. What a huge life change for me. There are not enough “Thank You’s” to give Dr. Buehler and her staff.”


Vision Care

Dear Infocus Eyecare,

                Thursday late afternoon I called the office after suffering for 2 days with something in my left eye.  I hesitated to call because I was so sure I would just be sent to urgent care.  To my surprise, when I told whomever was on the phone, she just asked me how soon I could get to the office, then put me on hold briefly to make sure a doctor would be available.

                My daughter drove me to the office, and when I checked in at the desk someone asked if I was Janet and asked me to wait a few minutes.  No more than 5 minutes passed when I was ushered into the room and had a drop put in my eye which was the first relief I had in 2 days!

                After the initial exam and answering questions, and a very brief wait, the doctor (Dr. Sundy) removed 3 things from my eye.

                This entire process from phone call to my walking out the door was no more than 1 hour!

                I want to thank everyone involved from the cheery person on the phone (Erin) to the person who helped me leave through the correct door.  You were all so wonderful, smiling and seemed happy to be helping me.  I’m so sorry I never caught any names, but you all know who you are, and I want to thank each of you for the wonderful care I received.  I don’t ever remember getting as good a care as I got last Thursday.

                Thank you!!!

                Janet Hodgers


“Dr. Lewis explained treatment options and my evaluation was very comprehensive. He takes time to explain in detail what my choices are and the expected outcomes. I am very pleased with his level of expertise. He listened carefully to my questions and never rushed through his answers. I felt I received exceptional care from him.”